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Dr. Laura Bracken and horse

Now Available,

Animal Acupuncture!!!!


     I completed my studies in the Animal Acupuncture Certification Program at Maryland University of Integrated Health. Currently I am offering services mobily in the comfort of your beloved pets own home!  Office visits available as well.  Pets of any age can receive treatment - they are never too young or old! 


     Treating animals was one of the main reasons besides my own positive experience with acupuncture for becoming an acupuncturist.  I had a beagle named Copper who had Lyme's Disease and a slipped disc in his neck.  He would go through periods of laying on the floor, writhing in pain due to the disc issue.  I could not afford an MRI at the time and decided to try acupuncture because it had helped me so much.  Why not give it a shot?  I carried him in because he was in too much pain to walk.  The practitioner inserted the needles and he passed out for 45 minutes solid - this is a beagle we are talking about!!!   It was an amazing and profound experience.  He then was able to walk out on his own!  It was incredible!  Animals I found out later are wonderful patients for acupuncture.  They don't have the hangups we as humans have and tend to have a much quicker response to treatment.  It is in Copper's memory, that I take this journey into animal acupuncture....









Dog getting acupuncture
rabbit getting acupuncture
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