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"Raw" Chinese Herbs

What people are saying...


        The treatments have helped me to have a clearer mind, my stress levels have gone down (mostly) and I find it easier to sleep now. Also, I think my grades are doing well because of this and I appreciate it. In conclusion, treatments with Miss Laura have been marvelous and a blast; I love them."

-Arielle C., (age 13, Owings Mills, MD)



      Almost a year later I had the opportunity to return to Laura as her patient to deal with my recurring back pain, the effects of lupus and ailments relating to working out with weights and just generally getting older.  I thought by now that she'd know everything about me but her interview to discover the root cause of my problems was more extensive than before which is important in order to determine a course of treatment.  She is always compassionate and caring and although I can't begin to explain the nuances of why acupuncture works, Laura always took the time to attempt to explain to me what she was doing.  I felt the effects of her treatments immediately.  It was as if my entire body just reset itself and the pain and soreness was eliminated and my flexibility returned.  All I can say is she is a joy and I can't recommend her enough."


-Marilyn B. (age 58, Washington, DC)



       Many of my friends who sought acupuncture for stress treatment highly recommended it to me to try - I would not consider myself to be a highly stressed individual, but after my first treatment, I realized how much I had turned my brain off to the daily stresses that my body experiences. I approached the treatment with an open-mind, ready to see what might happen and whether I would feel any differently afterward.

At first I only noticed a change in my breathing, which became slower and made me more relaxed.  As I continued going in for treatments, I found that this and a greater awareness of my body expanded.
This continues to be the case following each treatment.  I feel the effect of rebalance.

For me, this is a very subtle but meaningful change in my physical behavior.  It allows me to handle everyday situations calmly rather than reactively.  I recommend it to everyone!"

Katie F. (age 32, Baltimore, MD)




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